Dungeon Keeper 2

Magic Items
Destroy Walls
Select and section of wall to desintigrate.

Heal All
Heals all of your creatures. It's best to save this special for use during a large battle to help turn the tide to your favor.

Increase Gold
Use of this Special will dump 1000 gold into your stash.

Increase Level
Your creatures have been blessed with experience. Increases all your creatures by one level.

Kill Creatures
Use of this Special will assassinate one enemy creature of your choice.

Locate Hidden Land
This Special allows you to go to a hidden level. Usually these levels have a specific goal to complete.

Make Happy
As the name suggests, this Speical makes your creatures happy. Save it for when you have a problem such as running out of gold and being unable to pay your denizens.

Make Safe
Your dungeon has been fortified! All of your unfortified walls instantly become fortified walls when using this special.

Make Unhappy
This is another special to use upon your favorite enemy keeper or hero realm. You'll find that opposing forces are far less effective in combat when they get grumpy about any little thing. Save this and use it just before you major assault.

Mana Boost
When used, you will receive 50,000 mana.

Receive Imps
Upon using this Special you will summon 10 more imps at your Dungeon Heart.

Reveal Map
The entire realm has been revealed to you.

Stun Imps
All enemy Imps are knocked down for a few seconds.

Transfer Creature
Select a creature to take with you to the next realm. Beware, if you lose the next level and must restart, you will not keep the creature.


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