Dungeon Keeper 2

Keeper Spells
Call to Arms Call to Arms
The Call to Arms spell draws any of your creatures that hear it to the area it is cast.
Cost: 10000 mana (7000 mana upgraded)

Chicken Chicken
Turns an enemy creature into a helpless chicken. If one of your own creatures is turned into a chicken, picking them up and droping them into a Temple will cure them.
Cost: 10000 mana

Create Gold Create Gold
Creates a pile of wealth in the spot where it is cast. Creates 1000 gold. 2000 gold when upgraded.
Cost: 15000 mana

Create Imp Create Imp
This spell creates new Imps to work in your dungeon. The price increases by 1500 for each additional imp after your initial 4.
Cost: 1500 mana * number of imps after the first 4.

Heal Heal
Heals one injured creature.
Cost: 5000 mana

Inferno Inferno
Your most destructive attack spell. When cast, it creates a large heavily damaging explosion that expands outward. However, fire resistant creatures such as Giants and Salamanders are immune to this spell. Upgrading expands the radius.
Cost: 50000 mana

Possession Possession
This spell allows you to directly control a creature by seeing through its eyes. You can move it about the Dungeon, dig, fight, and explore.
Cost: 500 mana (350 mana upgraded)

Sight of Evil Sight of Evil
Allows you to see in enemy dungeons or in places you have not explored yet. It has a 5 tile radius and a 7 tile radius when upgraded.
Cost: 5000 mana

Summon Horny Summon Horny
Summons the Horned Reaper who will seek out and attack your enemies.
Cost: 100000 mana to summon, 2000 mana to maintain

Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
Hurls a bolt of electrical energy down upon an enemy creature. The damage increases when upgraded.
Cost: 6000 mana

Tremor Tremor
This spell causes the land to shake uncontrollably. Enemy walls and tiles are weakened as are doors and traps. Upgrading the spell makes it more destructive.
Cost: 30000 mana

Turncoat Turncoat
Turns an enemy creature to your side temporarily. The duration increases with upgrade.
Cost: 20000 mana


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