Dungeon Keeper 2

Creature Spells
Bolsters the defence characteristics of a friendly creature, enabling him to withstand greater amounts of damage than normal.

A standard ranged attack that keeps on truckin’ until it hits an obstacle or, better still, a living creature! This ability is available only to the Elven Archer and the Dark Elf.

Used by the Dark Angel, this is a fearsome projectile of bubbling, flesh-disrupting energy.

Used by Vampires, this spell saps the enemy's lifeforce and strengthens your own. Drain removes a percentage of the target's health and heals the caster by a proportionally similar amount.

A ball of flame that inflicts fire damage on anything it hits. For use on single targets only.

A fireball that explodes on impact, damaging anything in the local vicinity.

Freeze is a projectile that suspends enemies in place for a duration.

Gas Cloud
A toxic and potent combination of unholy vapours that causes damage to any enemy foolish enough to breathe it in. The nauseous cloud slowly expands as it dissipates.

Gas Missile
A long range missile that explodes on impact and immediately emits a ripsnorting Fart.

A small, handheld explosive device thrown in the direction of the target. It explodes on impact with any damageable object except a wall, and affects creatures in its blast area. If it fails to impact with a recognised target, it explodes at the extent of its range.

Guided Bolt
A magical arrow capable of locking onto and tracking its target. Although the Guided Bolt is flawlessly accurate, it may fail to reach its target if hindered by a wall or other obstacle.

Rain down icy terror on your target with a Hail Storm so powerful that it can rip smaller targets to shreds.

Haste Creature
Increases the overall speed of a friendly creature.

Haste Self
Available only to experienced Imps, Haste Self increases the overall speed of the caster. Note: Your Imps cast this automatically. An Imp so blessed has blue-green streaks behind him.

Heal Creature
Cures wounds and restores the health of a friendly creature. Used by Support creatures to ensure that ailing front line troops remain fighting fit.

Renders the caster of the spell invisible, therefore allowing the caster to slip, undetected, past enemy troops, free to commit all manner of dastardly deeds.

Sends a shower of razor-sharp knives hurtling towards your target.

Harness Nature’s own electrical energy and unleash a ferocious bolt of lightning with which to fry your opponents. This spell is only available to the Mistress and the Fairy.

Raise Dead
Temporarily transforms any humanoid corpses in the casting area into Skeletons. Once raised, these act as regular Skeletons, fighting for whichever side has raised them. They fall back into a lifeless pile of bones as soon as their time limit runs out.

Skeleton Army
Similar to the Raise Dead spell but doesn't require dead bodies. When the spell is cast, up to three skeletons rise from the ground to fight for the caster.

A cunning, web-like spell that reduces the target creature's speed, giving him or her a distinct disadvantage in combat. If the creature is currently under the Haste Creature spell, slow nullifies its effects and returns the creature to normal speed. Used by the Vampire.

A short range projectile attack of burning saliva. It causes all but the most fearless of creatures to wince in disgust, then pain, as the noxious substance eats through their epidermis.

Any Imp with this spell can teleport its way out of danger or to a job site. Most useful.

Sends forth a spiraling wind of destruction which picks up any creatures in its path.


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