Dungeon Keeper 2

Bile Demon Bile Demon
A huge, slow moving creature with lots of health that enjoys consuming a significant number of chickens. While combat is their primary focus, they also possess construction skills and can be put to work in the Workshop. Bile Demons are immune to poison.

Attracted by: Hatchery (minimum 5x5 tiles) and Workshop (minimum 3x3 tiles)
Natural enemy: Skeleton

Level 4: Gas Cloud
Level 8: Gas Missile

Black Knight Black Knight
The Black Knight is a truly terrifying warrior. Within its deadly armour lies a warrior of the blackest heart. Although he has no spells, at close range they are most deadly warriors.

Attracted by: Combat Pit (minimum 3x3 tiles)
Natural enemy: Converted Knights and Royal Guards


Dark Angel Dark Angel
Dark Angels are terrifying entities, who join you only for their own amusement and interest. They are powerful magic users, and amazingly efficient researchers.

Attracted by: Temple (minimum 5x5 tiles)
Natural enemy: Coverted Monks and Faries

Level 4: Disruption
Level 8: Hailstorm
Level 10: Skeleton Army

Dark Elf Dark Elf
Behold the Dark Elf. Her sniping skills as sharp as bolted arrows which she shoots. She serves you well in line behind your fighters and excels in duty as a guard.

Attracted by: Guard Room (minimum 1x1 tiles)
Natural enemy: Elven Archer

Level 1: Arrow
Level 4: Knives
Level 8: Guided Bolt

Dark Mistress Dark Mistress
The Mistress, always eager, serves you well in both pleasure and pain. Ensure her tastes are satisfied and she will prove herself in battle time and again.

Attracted by: Torture Chamber (minimum 3x3 tiles)
Natural enemy: Fairy

Level 4: Lightning
Level 8: Freeze
Level 10: Hailstorm

Firefly Firefly
The swift light Firefly's essential as an airborne scout. His eyes are yours to penetrate dark places and report.

Attracted by: N/A, Lair

Level 8: Whirlwind

Goblin Goblin
A goblin has entered your domain. On his own he is a cowardly beast, but in a horde becomes a useful fighting force.

Attracted by: N/A, Lair
Natural enemy: Dwarf


Horny Horny
Once you retrieve all four pieces of the Horny Talisman, and have more than 100,000 units of mana, you may summon this powerful creature. This is the only creature that can kill the Stone Knight. Horny will remain until you run out of mana or dismiss him with a slap from the Hand of Evil.

Attracted by: Summon Horny Spell

Stun Fireball

Imp Imp
The Imp is the most improtant creature you have as they constitute your workforce that supports your army. Imps do not require food or a lair. They are created by magic and rely entirely on Mana for sustenance. If your mana levels are too low, they will start to disapear.

Attracted by: Created with the Create Imp spell.

Level 4: Haste Self
Level 8: Teleport

Maiden Maiden
Part human woman, part arachnid. She can help research in the Library, otherwise you will find her in the Casino. Maidens do not appear in the campaign and are only available starting in version 1.7 of the game.

Attracted by: Library (minimum 3x3 tiles) and Temple (minimum 3x3 tiles)

Maiden Web
Poison Spit

Rogue Rogue
The Rogue is a greedy misfit, who will seek to further his own wealth whenever he can. They make for good assassins as they are deadly backstabbers, and can also reveal concealed traps.

Attracted by: Casino (minimum 3x3 tiles), Treasury
Natural enemy: Thief


Salamander Salamander
Behold a Salamander; graceful ancient lizard who cannot be harmed by fire. He'll even wade through lava streams with no impediment.

Attracted by: Training Room (minimum 3x3 tiles)
Natural enemy: Giant

Level 4: Spit
Level 8: Fireball

Skeleton Skeleton
A basic fighter of average ability that is created in the Prison if a humanoid creature dies. Skeletons are immune to Fear and have no requirements for sleep, food, or pay.

Attracted by: When humanoid dies in Prison


Troll Troll
This is a very hardy creature whose primary job is in the Workshop. They are average fighters.

Attracted by: Workshop (minimum size: 3x3 tiles)
Natural enemy: Converted Giants


Vampire Vampire
An undead creature that is a natural at research and scavenging but refuses to get its hands dirty and manufacture for you. If it is scavenging in the Scavenger Room and there are no other Vampires on the map, it raises your Portal attraction by half, thus increasing the creatures who enter your Dungeon. If a Vampire’s experience level is higher that three, it becomes immortal. Then, it resurrects itself in its Lair when it dies although its experience level drops by one. Vampires can be created in a Graveyard from decomposing bodies.

Attracted by: Graveyard (minimum 3x3 tiles) when 5 or more corpses rot
Natural enemy: Converted Monks

Level 4: Slow
Level 8: Drain
Level 10: Raise Dead

Warlock Warlock
A Warlock - use him in combat to support your other creatures. He is also your primary spell researcher and will spend long hours in the Library discovering new incantations for you.

Attracted by: Library (minimum 3x3 tiles)
Natural enemy: Converted Wizards

Level 1: Fireball
Level 2: Heal
Level 8: Fire Bomb


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